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M1 Garand Stock Hardware Kit, New/Like New Thanks in advance CMP stocks need both fitting and finishing work for me to put one on my personal rifle. The oil soaks into the wood and does not build up a solid coat. This gives a glossy finish that dries into a varnish-like coat on top of the wood. M1 Garand Stock Hardware Kit, New/Like New. Part # FA-G-SKIT. The M1 Garand Stock Hardware Kit Includes.

Best replacement stock for M1 Garand? - The Firing Line Forums Some people have reported difficulty with oiling over the stain. Now, I'm looking to buy an all-walnut replacement stock set. Join Date April 23, 2006. Here are photos of my Garand with the CMP stock

Finish on CMP M1 Garand with new Boyds walnut stock? - Maryland. What do you recommend as far as sanding/refinishing steps? t=159912 A lot of people seemed to be upset that I followed Major General Hatcher's instructions. Finishing a stock is very much a matter of opinion. In all cases, I sand the brown stained finish down to bare wood. It gives a semi-glossy finish but should be touched up somewhat often. Join Date Jul 2008. Location. Just purchased a CMP M1 Garand equiped with a new Boyds walnut stock fitted by CMP. Does anyone know.

M1 Garand - Springfield Armory Museum - Collection Record Here's a closeup that shows a little of what I'm describing: The brown stain doesn't look rht to me. Stock SA/SPG in box. M1 Garand.30 Production Rifles - Gas actuated. period of 'gas trap' M1 production at Springfield Armory, the stock cartouche reads 'S. A.'. At a later date, Colonel Steward would be promoted to Bradier General.

Garand Stock Bedding to improve accuracy - CMP Forums It's flat and lacks the characteristic reddish hue of USGI walnut. Garand Stock Bedding to improve accuracy M1 Garand. Join Date Oct 2009. Posts 3. I read some postings indicating it may be the stock fit.

M1 Garand - Stock I am considering doing something similar with the new production stock that came on the rifle, but Ive never done a stock before and would hate to just butcher it up. Part Function The Buttstock or Stock of the rifle is used to support the main assemblies of. The map pictured here under the M1 Garand buttstock was.

The stain seals the wood and the oil will pretty much accumulate on top. There are many ways to acquire an M1 Garand, but the undisputed home of the M1 rifle. Determine an M1 Garand date of manufacture; Generate a listing of. View M1 Garand FMA/MAP data; View.30 CAL/7.62 MM National Stock Numbers.

Laminated M1 Garand Stocks? - M14 Forum When I worked these over for customers I would sand off the stained layer and apply dye and oil or just oil as desired. Anyone who has ever owned an M1 knows that moisture is not their stock's best friend. I have decided. Join Date Aug 2010. I have decided to replace my orinal M1 Garand walnut stock with a laminated "pepper" version.

M1 <strong>Garand</strong> <strong>Stock</strong> Hardware Kit, New/Like New
Best replacement <i>stock</i> for M1 <i>Garand</i>? - The Firing Line Forums
Finish on CMP M1 <strong>Garand</strong> with new Boyds walnut <strong>stock</strong>? - Maryland.
M1 <em>Garand</em> - Springfield Armory Museum - Collection Record
<em>Garand</em> <em>Stock</em> Bedding to improve accuracy - CMP Forums
M1 <i>Garand</i> - <i>Stock</i>

Laminated M1 <em>Garand</em> <em>Stocks</em>? - M14 Forum

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