Dating old mason jars

Page44JR - homepages.- My mom passed away in 2005, and Ron in 2009, so the fruit jar and jar rings collections hold fond memories for me. Fruit jars as is Mason's, for his name is generic with the "Boyds Porcelain. Chase respectively, while the last date was for Boyd's liner patent. Another of. located at the same address as Boyd's old company, 66 Warren Street, New York City.

Vintage canning jars - YouTube I say, quote, ‘porcelain’ because in all actuality, very few lids were lined with true porcelain. Mostly white milkglass, but in rare instances they were lined with a milky aqua, green, or blue! How do I get these vintage canning jars into the kitchen and used again for the purpose they were made for? Home canning.

Junk 101 Canning Jars ~ one dollar cottage Once it became more difficult to add to the fruit jar collection while cruising the flea market, we started noticing the “go-withs” – the jar rings, lids, wrenches, lifters – all the equipment you needed for successful home canning. They are even making a new version of vintage blue canning jars. canning jars were embossed with the Mason patent date, November 30.

How It All Began That is until 1869, when Lewis Boyd realized the zinc found in those lids was unsafe as well. My mother sent me all her old canning jars because she had decided she wasn't. There were Atlas Strong Shoulder, Magic Mason, Jeannette J Mason Home. So I am now looking at how to date these jars.stumbled across your site.

Dating Old Canning Jars? this gal aint going topless for any amount of money! So, pack up your beads ladies and gents, today, we are putting a top on it!! I’ve never seen a colored insert, but I’d love to find one on one of our junk adventures!! I just wondered if anyone knew how one could find the age of an old canning jar. I've been looking at a few websites, but haven't found.

Did You Know? - Mason Jars Company As we were sorting through the fruit jars, we noticed that not all of them were “Ball” or “Kerr”. There were Atlas Strong Shoulder, Magic Mason, Jeannette J Mason Home Packer and even a Mason’s Patent Nov. My late husband, Ron, said, “There has to be a book we gotta find the book! The Mason jar was invented and patented in 1858 by tinsmith John L. Mason hence the name Mason jars. You will often find old jars famously embossed with “Mason's Patent Nov 30th 1858" even after the expiration of. Dating a Ball Jar.

Mason jar - pedia Within a year, we had purchased our first small collection, found a Redbook (the bible of fruit jars! Since Ron and I were both orinally from Indiana, we grabbed the opportunity to visit family and attend the bottle show that was primarily fruit jars in Indianapolis (since moved to Muncie). We left there with maybe a half dozen less expensive jars that had unusual closures – a Millville, a Fruit Keeper, and a few others I don’t re specifiy. A Mason jar, named after John Landis Mason who first invented and patented it in 1858, is a. Antique canning jars are often sold through antique stores and auction sites such as eBay. The value of a jar is. Most mouth-blown Mason jars embossed with some type of 1858 patent date were produced in aqua glass. The Ball.

Page44JR - homepages.-
Vintage canning <em>jars</em> - YouTube
Junk 101 Canning <strong>Jars</strong> ~ one dollar cottage
How It All Began
<i>Dating</i> <i>Old</i> Canning <i>Jars</i>?
Did You Know? - <em>Mason</em> <em>Jars</em> Company
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